​As much as some of us might be dreading summer ending, you can't forget what fall means: college football season, baby. 

And with the return of gridiron action for our weekends, it also means the monumental return of College Gameday. And among the best parts of the show? The signs. 

And this Saturday, fans have been showcasing brilliant work. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself. 

​​So simple, yet so perfect. 

Did Ohio State fans cross the line here? I mean, taking a shot at Mayfield's baking skills is one thing, but to attack Oklahoma the musical? Come on, guys. 

How would you even be able to rate your driver? Seems like it would be one hell of a bumpy ride. Zero stars, no question. 

I have no words. 

This is SAVAGE. Easily my favorite sign is the "Baker Mayfield's BAC is higher than his GPA." Brilliant, just brilliant. 

Showcase that smile and sign with pride, buddy. Also, where did you get that Home Depot hard hat? Your boss gave you the day off? Clearly you showed him this sign to earn the free Saturday. 

You're telling me Bob Stoops would rather be in the sand on the golf course instead of in Columbus? You're probably right. 

Mom, we really hope you're out running errands and not watching your television set. Please forgive sonny for the rough start to his college career. 

"My next chapter: I'm headed to Columbus." We'd love to hear this come from KD. 

Looks like his kids might be going the JUCO route. 

Once again, the fans haven't disappointed with their creativity. 

Now, we must wait for the actual action between the Buckeyes and the Sooners. It's expected to be even better than these signs.