You can hardly recognize him.

​Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper has been out of commission since mid-August ​after suffering a frightening injury that initially looked a lot worse. Harper came flying off the first base bag and pulled up extremely awkwardly during a rainy night game, fortunately avoiding any tearing in his knee. 

He was diagnosed with a "significant" bone bruise and has been kept off the field ever since.

​​Harper is major icon for Major League Baseball and is as polarizing a superstar as there is, but the man plays with passion and that can't be taken away from him. What can be taken away from him, however, ​is the head-scratching new hairdo that Harper boasted about via Snapchat. Harper caved and splurged on some authentic Miami cornrows, but apparently he wasn't feeling the look long-term.

​The 24-year-old standout is back to his usual self for the upcoming weekend.

Goodbye, Harper's cornrows: we hardly knew ye.