​The Redskins will begin play for their 2017 season on Sunday against the Eagles, but the same can't be said for Hail & Hog Kitchen and Tap. 

The Redskins-themed restaurant opened just last year and that will be its only year of existence. After filing for reorganization in January, in hopes of staying open for another season, the creditors became impatient and were forced into liquidation in August. 

​​It sounds like it was a rough year. 

The Ashburn-based Auction Markets will be in charge of the sale of the restaurant and founder Stephen Karbelk wants a buyer to buy the entire property and have a restaurant ready to go. Karbelk also hopes the sale "exceeds $1,000,000."

A Redskins-themed restaurant seems like a good idea, but there are most likely many other fans who would rather go to a different bar and watch other games, instead of just the Redskins. 

Hopefully the new restaurant has more success.