​Is this the end of the dynasty? 

We may be jumping the gun here, but the Patriots looked downright awful. When was the last time we saw the offense so out of sync? The defense got torched by... Alex Smith? 

Well, perhaps the world truly is coming to an end, because Alex Smith looked like QB1 and Tom Brady looked like the third-string freshman this evening. 

In an absolute stunner, the Chiefs tripped to the Northeast and took down the Patriots, 42-27.

Let's look at the numbers. Tom Brady finished with 270 yards and zero touchdowns. The star for the Patriots tonight was Mike Gillislee and his three touchdown runs. 

That's not going to win you a ball game. 

For Smith, though? 368 yards and four touchdowns. WOW. Nearly 100 more passing yards than TB12 and the four scores. 

Alex Smith for MVP? Get the man the trophy!

At the same time, we simply can't forget about the young star who was born tonight. Kareem Hunt will never pay for a burger in Kansas City ever gain. 

He started his career off with a fumble, then turned things around and scored three touchdowns. For those of you who risked it all and drafted him, cheers. 

After their thrilling Super Bowl win last February, the Pats were hoping to kick things off with a bang tonight. 

They sure did, but in the worst way possible. 

The talk at the water coolers tomorrow morning will be all about how New England choked tonight.

People will also be talking about how the dynasty sure could be done. Looks like things can't alway go your way, Boston fans.