​One of the biggest controversies in the NFL starts before the opening kickoff. 

The National Anthem is played before each game, and over the past few seasons many players have been kneeling in silent protest of inequality.  

The Chiefs and Patriots opened up the 2017 season tonight, and only one player was seen kneeling (well, sitting really) before during the National Anthem, Chiefs star cornerback Marcus Peters.

​​Peters, the Chiefs two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, can be seen sitting on the trainers bench during the National Anthem. This is the first time he has sat during the National Anthem, so it was a bit of a surprise, though the Chiefs defensive star is also sporting cleats promoting activism during the game tonight. 

The cleats read "Liberty" and "Justice For All" across the bottom, and are red and yellow matching the Chiefs' colors. 

Peters is the latest player to kneel during the anthem, an act which was initially started by Colin Kaepernick in August 2016. He is now out of a job, a fate not likely to befall Peters anytime soon. 

Fellow NFL stars such as Michael Bennett have also knelt or sat in silent protest this preseason. As the opening weekend begins, expect to see more of this.