​If this is true, this is absolutely harsh.

It was reported back in August that the new Miami Marlins ownership, headed by Derek Jeter, planned to fire Marlins president David Samson.

They went through with the ouster, but the way in which they decided to inform Samson seems a little...immature: through text message.

This is ridiculous to me. This isn't a high school breakup, these are grown men with extensive experience in the professional world. I have a really hard time believing that during any of these proceedings, one of the owners didn't think a face-to-face meeting, or even a phone call, would be a better option than a damn text message.

While I personally think this is sorta awful, spiteful Marlins fans who are quite frankly sick of Samson thought it was pretty amazing:

But if anything, it just goes back to my point about this all feeling like something out of a weird teenage comedy.

Maybe next time, we can all be a little more professional.