It didn't seem like it was possible, but this situation keeps getting uglier and uglier. 

On Wednesday, Michael Bennett accused Las Vegas PD of police brutality following the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight in an eye opening passage on Twitter. 

That wasn't all he would share on social media, though. 

Bennett followed it up by tweeting a horrifying picture of a police officer holding a gun near his head. 

​​That's some scary stuff. 

We've already seen the released video footage from TMZ, where that police officer was standing above him on a porch with his gun drawn, which was already totally over the line. It just gets so much worse with the picture of the man looming over him with his weapon out. 

People across the country have already come out and supported Bennett after hearing about this incident, and only more will join his cause after shocking evidence continues to pour out.