​For the second straight year North Carolina will play a secret scrimmage against Memphis before the season gets underway. 

Last season UNC and Memphis played a scrimmage a couple weeks before the start of the regular season, and it was closed off to the public. 

This will be the same case for this years scrimmage, as the two teams want to see their players in action with no fan or media attention. 

​​Memphis Head Coach Tubby Smith and Roy Williams are good friends and have come to an agreement on last years game an this one.

This is not the first instance of secret scrimmages, especially for North Carolina. They have faced Vanderbilt three times in recent preseasons, and all have been closed to the public.

The scrimmages definitely help, as North Carolina has stayed a consistent title threat under Williams. It is probably most beneficially to Freshman, as they get to see real opposing completion without any distractions.

This years game will be at Memphis on October 20th, but unfortunately fans will only be able to here about it afterwards.