4 Elite High School Prospects Who Will Be Future Top-5 Picks

High School basketball is growing more and more popular with the emergence of stars such as LaMelo Ball and his father, as well as Zion Williamson and his dunks. With the scope on high school basketball rapidly becoming larger, the individuals in focus begin to gain more recognition. Here are four high school prospects who have what it takes to become future Top-5 picks in the draft. 

4. Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish inked his commitment to Duke just last week, and that's a major addition for the Blue Devils. Reddish stands in at 6-foot-8 and weighs 195 pounds, showing great size for the small forward position. He was ranked as the No. 1 overall player out of Pennsylvania and the No. 4 player the class of 2018. If Reddish can flash his skills in college then he should be an early pick when he enters the NBA draft. 

3. Bol Bol

Bol Bol has arguably the greatest name to bless the sport of basketball and is also the son of the tallest man to ever suit up in the NBA, Manute Bol. Bol, much like his father is incredibly tall, standing in at 7-foot-2. He needs to build on his strength in order to be effective in the post, but the potential surrounding the Santa Ana native is immense and he should end up a top-5 pick. 

2. Zion Williamson

Most basketball fans know about Zion Williamson, the human highlight reel who dominates the high school level with vicious dunks. Williamson is insanely athletic and has already built a following for himself after showing off some incredible in-game slams. The kid is in high school yet is already massive, standing in at 6-foot-6 and weighing 230 pounds. Williamson will undoubtedly be a top pick when he becomes eligible to enter the league. 

1. R.J. Barrett

R.J. Barrett is ranked as the No. 1 overall player in the class of 2018, and with great reason. The Canadian shooting guard is insanely quick and has the size to compete at any level, measuring up at 6-foot-7 and weighing 200 pounds. Barrett scored 38 points against the United States in the FIBA U19 World Championship, handing the US their first loss in six years. Whatever school winds up with Barrett likely has a No. 1 pick on their hands.