​This is absolutely frightening.

Earlier today, Seahawks star Michael Bennett publicly accused the Las Vegas Police Department of using excessive force in arresting him after the Mayweather-McGregor fight 10 days ago.

Now, TMZ has obtained and released footage of Bennett's arrest, and it backs up his claims, to say the least.

Watch the disturbing chain of events here:

There is no way, NO WAY, that this amount of force was justified. The one cop had him restrained just fine, so there was absolutely zero reason another cop needed to be standing above them with his gun drawn.

It's clear from the footage that Bennett wasn't resisting arrest, and you can hear the terror in his voice when trying to reason with the cops. Why was this reaction met with threats to "blow his f---ing head off?" 

Many people have raised their voices in support of Bennett, including Colin Kaepernick:

Thoughts with Michael during this time, as I'm sure he's been absolutely rattled since this incident. This is just sickening.