The NFL season has yet to begin and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins are already in a huge hole, to no fault of their own. 

Both teams entered the 2017 season with high expectations. The only problem is, they were ready to begin their march towards those lofty goals a week too early. Now that the NFL has officially postponed their Week 1 matchup until Week 11, these teams have to play 16 straight weeks of football. 

If that doesn't sound daunting enough, history is clearly not on their side. 

We can only imagine just how grueling and demanding a full season of football is on a player's body. Now picture it without a week off to recuperate. 

The Bucs and the Dolphins are two teams that had playoff aspirations this season, something that doesn't seem easy to come by when looking at the records of previous teams who played 16 straight games of football. 

It sounds like some players already know what they're going up against. 

These teams have a pretty solid leg to stand on if they collapse later in the year.