​In college, there's no better celebration than one that means no class. 

For most collegiate athletes, getting out of class is a benefit of the job. But others say the NCAA needs to crack down on athletes getting illegal academic benefits, and it doesn't help when players announce it to the world that they're skipping out on the next morning's courses.

After a thrilling double overtime victory, Tennessee players were in the midst of celebrating on the field when one player was caught on camera saying, "I'm not going to class."

Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker saw the video and immediately thought of teammate Tyler Ulis, formerly his Kentucky teammate as well, by tweeting the video to him.

​​There's no doubt Booker is coming at Ulis, as this was likely the same thing he'd do when he was with the Wildcats. 

If anything, the Tennessee players deserve a day off from class after a hard fought overtime game, but that's beside the point. 

There's also no doubt that student athletes in college are given a lot of leniency and aid for classes, especially during the season. When players openly admit to it, that doesn't help either. 

With more schools getting caught giving players illegal benefits or gifts during recruitment, it's no surprise we don't know everything that goes on behind the NCAA's back. There are schools that bend or break the rules, but it depends on whether or not they're caught. 

Ulis and Booker, meanwhile, are pumped to admit that sometimes they were just too tired.