This year has been one of the more hectic NBA offseasons in recent memory. With more than a handful of stars being traded, the sports world has been on notice. However, should the whole world be on the lookout for a certain NBA superstar turned villain? 

Photos surfaced yesterday of a bank robber who's appearance seemed awfully similar to that of Warriors' shooting guard, Klay Thompson. 

When Klay has a chance to reach Free Agency in 2019, there is a very good chance he will break the bank. It seems though as if he can't wait two more years to get his money. Not only does he scare opposing defenses, but local banks of Orange County as well. 

Perhaps the Warriors should've accepted the Cavaliers offer of Kyrie Irving for Klay Thompson when they had the chance. Steve Kerr might be questioning how his shooting guard spends his free time in the offseason.

With this news breaking all over the internet, fans are definitely having fun with the situation. 

After all with Golden State dominating the league, this might be the only chance that other fan bases can poke fun at the defending NBA Champions.