​No words were minced in the making of this video.

ESPN Radio host Ryen Russillo has made a name for himself over the years at ESPN, climbing the ranks from publicly unrecognizable to hosting his own radio show. Unfortunately for Russillo, his on-air talent was put to a halt two weeks ago when he was arrested in Wyoming for trespassing and ​other embarrassing details.

​Russillo, 42, has made a name for himself by actually calling it like it is, whether the recipient of his disgust is an athlete or a public figure -- in this case, it was himself.

​Watch Russillo break down his suspension and apology in a refreshing manner, holding nothing back and accepting his own stupidity.

It's no secret that public figures are held to a higher standard than the average, everyday citizen, but what Russillo did would have likely gotten him into hot water regardless of what his occupation was. 

He admitted that some of the sensationalism regarding his arrest bothered him at times, but this is a man who immediately finished that thought with admitting that this lies solely on him: without the embarrassing arrest, none of these headlines even exist.

​​People do dumb things and sometimes they get caught. In a non-violent crime such as Russillo's, there is truly no sense in doing anything other than owning up to your actions and admitting guilt, apologizing to people who matter, and moving on from there.

​Good going, Russillo.