​Next Friday, the Cubs will host the Milwaukee Brewers in a game with major playoff implications, with the Cubs vying for a division title and the Brewers pursuing a Wild Card berth.

The game was originally scheduled to begin at 1:20 PM, like all Friday games at Wrigley Field. However, the city of Chicago decided to make an exception for next week's game.

The Cubs play a night game in Pittsburgh the night before, and getting up early the next day and playing on a poor night's sleep would not be beneficial to the Cubs.

The Brewers, the Cubs' opponent next Friday, are reportedly not happy about the time change.

The Brewers haven't been happy with much in this second half, especially since they entered the All-Star Break with a 5.5 game lead in the division, only to see it rapidly disappear.

And we do mean "rapidly".

Now, the Brewers are scratching and clawing to reach the playoffs, and with this time change, it just creates another obstacle for Milwaukee. In fairness, this does heavily favor the Cubs, no?