​Can we finally customize the jerseys?

What about the 2K cover, is that going to be safe at last?

And please, won't someone think of the Milwaukee Bucks and their weird, way-too-late "counter" offer?

According to ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarowski, what was done a week ago appears to now be legally binding. After shooting for the moon, the Cavs have begrudgingly accepted the Boston offer they'd already agreed to.

​​Before sending off this bomb, Woj had previously noted that the Cavs had an extra first round pick in mind to finish the transaction, looking beyond the impossible golden idols of Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

​​Those high-ceiling wunderkinds will stay in Boston, while Isaiah Thomas will spend the next two months trying to convince the staff at the Cleveland Clinic (and the entire city) that he's still got enough burst to push past the East's larger guards.

The actual addition to Cleveland's arsenal to compensate for IT's shortcomings? Well, it's minimal.

And that 2020 second-round pick grew up to be? LeBron James Jr., way ahead of schedule.

Hey, Cavs Nation can dream. Much ado about nothing, after a week of 10-alarm Ainge alerts. Deal's a deal. Let's get preparing for the ECF.