​Cue the outlandish criticisms from old guys who can't fit in their gym shorts anymore. 

Being a good teammate should never come before being a good person, but there are many who debate that statement. While a locker room should be a safe space, there are certain things that violate that agreement. 

This debit card scandal at Florida is one of those circumstances.

The charges of debit card fraud have caused 10 Florida Gators to be suspended for the season opener against Michigan. The two latest suspended players, Jordan Scarlett and Rick Wells, were apparently implicated by a teammate. 

Some will be critical of this unnamed teammate's behavior, but he clearly made the right call.

After all, these players essentially defrauded their own university. There's no circumstance in which they shouldn't be punished, no matter where the incriminating info originates from.

Who wants to see 10 guys play in the name of school pride when they clearly don't possess any?