​This is absolutely not what the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to hear.

In the waning hours of negotiating the trade terms with the Celtics that would send superstar Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs, reports have surfaced that show IT's hip injury may take even longer to heal than initially thought.

Like, far too long.

This comes less than a day after the Celtics point guard told reporters that he was "not damaged" and would be back to his peak form in due time. 

This is obviously very conflicting information for Cleveland, and makes it even harder to decide how to proceed with the potential megatrade on the table. 

While the potential of him missing a large chunk next season is more than enough to justify the Cavs having cold feet, Mike & Mike raise a good point here:

If IT really does come back to form, Cleveland is going to be absolutely filthy. If not, then they got completely hosed in this trade.

It's a gamble that they need to figure out whether or not they're willing to take, and soon.