​Isaiah Thomas' health is clearly a problem. The Cleveland Cavaliers are concerned enough that there are rumors popping up about ​voiding the team's trade with the Boston Celtics.

And their concerns are beyond valid. Heck, Thomas can barely move like a basketball player right now and the season is two months away.

Voiding the trade is a real possibility, but it would be extremely awkward for the players to return to the teams more than four days after beginning the next chapter of their careers.

What about heading back to the negotiating table, though? Rather than cancel the trade altogether, the Cavaliers can state that they want a little bit more to compensate for their new troubles.

Maybe a draft pick would suffice. Or, you know, a young superstar in the making.

Cleveland can even try to push for Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum, although the Celtics may balk at that. Someone like Terry Rozier seems like a much more likely throw-in at this stage.

Celtics fans are at the point where they're crying conspiracy. That's how you know the panic is real.

Danny Ainge is at the mercy of the Cavs at this point, though. Koby Altman suddenly has a lot of leverage as a result of Thomas' hip injury, an ailment that can reconfigure the NBA landscape once more.