​Fun fact: when you stare at the names Bortles and Henne long enough, they start to blend together into "Kaepernick".

But apparently, the people in charge of the Jaguars believe otherwise. 

Not interested in strengthening their erratic QB corps before the season kicks off, Jacksonville's brass will go with Blake Bortles once again under center.

​​While it appeared the starting spot was up for grabs, at least heading into last week's preseason game, Chad Henne's horrible cameo seemed to convince Doug Marrone that perhaps he had his man in place all along.

Or, at the very least, *a* man.

Henne passed for 73 yards and got sacked three times against Carolina's first team defense, and while Bortles "thrived" in the second half (aka threw a TD and a pick), it was mainly against an ongoing sequence of backups.

Week 1, it's Bortles. Week 3, it's anybody's guess.