​Hurricane Harvey is about to strike down on East Texas, so residents are preparing. From evacuations to emergency kits, it's no time to take any chances with the potential dangers of the storm approaching.

Yet there is still something people in the area won't sacrifice: their hatred for the Dallas Cowboys.

One local resident took a trip to Walmart on Wednesday night and noticed that all of the water coolers were selling - except for the ones with Cowboys insignia on them.

If you didn't know there was a rivalry between the Cowboys and Houston Texans, you're forgiven - most people would feel that way. But apparently it's strong enough for people to forego preparedness in the name of not owning Cowboys gear.

So much for American's Team.

That rivalry doesn't seem to extend to the front offices, where the Cowboys are ready to help the Texans out if their preseason game can't be played at home.

They should probably stop selling Cowboys coolers anywhere near Houston.