This is one of the most absurd things we've heard out of ESPN in a long, long time. 

That has to be saying something given what has happened with the Worldwide Leader in Sports over the past year. The company has gone out and fired a huge chunk of their staff, are pulling announcers off of specific games due to their name, and there's still something more ridiculous going on? Impossible. 

That was before the details of Ryen Russillo's arrest came out. 

The radio host was reportedly found completely naked and drunkenly passed out in a stranger's bed after trespassing. Yes, he somehow ended up in someone else's apartment.

This truly seems unbelievable. Apparently, the ESPN personality still doesn't know how to handle his liquor. Who in the world drinks so much they end up naked in someone else's apartment? 

Well, evidently it's Mr. Russillo. ​​

What a team player for taking the spotlight off of Robert Lee, though. That's the kind of guy you want working for your company, unless, drunkenly breaking into someone's house and getting into their birthday suit is something you frown upon. 

ESPN has still yet to comment on the situation. Can you blame them, though? What exactly can they say after hearing of the details? 

Russillo recently received his own program "The Ryan Russillo Show" back in April, an incredible feat when you think about just how much on-air talent recently got fired. If only the timing worked out better, this would've made at least one of ESPN's cuts extremely easy. 

At least Russillo will have new content to discuss on his show during the slow sports month of August if he does keep his job. How will he be able to come back from this?

You know once he does return, he's going to get ripped. Best of luck, Ryan. Maybe put down the bottle for a little while.