Le'Veon Bell is in hot water, and it actually has nothing to do with his contract. 

While the Steelers superstar sits out for yet another week of preseason amidst contract disputes, it sounds like he has a much bigger problem brewing on the home front.

According to recent buzz, the star running back has stepped out on his girl many times the past few years. Lev even went so far as to get a Rams cheerleader pregnant while engaged to be married to the woman he already has a child with. 

No contract situation on the planet can be as bad as that. 

It had been a great year for Bell. He had a huge season after returning from suspension, has a lot of money coming his way after the Steelers placed the team's franchise tag on him, and he welcomed his child into the world in January. But now he's gotten caught.

He's dealing with pregnancy concerns with another woman, who was just one of multiple women Bell was allegedly sleeping with. 

Bell clearly lied to his girl Mercedes about the entire situation, and even told other women that his fiance was just at his house to watch his dogs. There are few insults that can cut deeper than that. 

Although according to some detective work, Mercedes may have left Bell in the dust already. 

Looking for a long term contract when you're not about to get one might be tough, but it is definitely heavenly compared to the situation Bell is dealing with in his personal life.