Aaron Judge has been swinging and missing a lot lately, so ​top golfer Rory McIlroy decided to go to Yankee Stadium and show what it's like when a player makes contact with the ball - albeit a different type of hit.

The event wasn't simply meant to bring shame to the struggling New York Yankees hitters. It actually was designed to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, with McIlroy taking aim at FedEx targets on the field (one of which he hit on the first try).

McIlroy received the honor of being part of the announcement by winning last year's FedEx Cup.

We've seen ballparks turn into driving ranges before, with San Diego's Petco Park serving as a golf haven back in 2015.

Kudos to Yankee Stadium, FedEx, and Rory McIlroy for teaming up to raise money for an important cause, though - certainly more important than Judge's incredible strikeout streak.