It happens every year. A team has high hopes for their season, and then disaster strikes.

The starting quarterback gets injured. 

For most teams this means a lost season. The backups just aren't good enough to make up for the loss. The ultimate examples being the 2011 Colts, who went from a playoff contender to 2-14 after Peyton Manning went down, and the 2015 Cowboys, who went 4-12 after Tony Romo got hurt. 

A solid backup quarterback is the most important insurance plan any NFL team can have, but it's still not the easiest thing to find. These aren't exactly star NFL quarterbacks, but they're the safety net that every NFL team needs to survive a season-ending injury. 

7. Colt McCoy 

Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys

McCoy was not a good starting quarterback with the Cleveland Browns, but no one ever really is. However, he's been able to carve out a decent niche as a backup. The former Texas star won't blow you away, but he's a savvy veteran who would be able to keep your team afloat if necessary.

6. Nick Foles

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans

Oh how quickly we forget. Foles was once hailed as a star in Philadelphia after coming in for an injured Michael Vick and going on to throw for 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions in 2013. He's dropped off since then, but he's still a high quality backup to have.

5. Derek Anderson 

Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks

Derek Anderson, better known as the quarterback that led the Browns to a winning record, has been a good backup behind Cam Newton for years now. He's clearly not Newton, and often turnover prone, but he offers stability behind a quarterback that often puts himself in harm's way. 

4. Chase Daniel 

New Orleans Saints v Cleveland Browns

Daniel has been a backup quarterback for seven years now and his teams have been lucky enough to only see him on the field twice. He's performed admirably both times and if his college career is any indication, he has plenty of talent if called upon again. You don't sign a bad backup to a $21 million deal.

3. Matt Moore 

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

Moore may be a backup, but it seems like he's called upon to play nearly every year at some point. He's not the most impressive quarterback, but he has a winning career record of 15-13 and 41 touchdowns in 28 career starts. He gets the job done. 

2. AJ McCarron 

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots

McCarron is one of those younger backups whose name always gets thrown around when another team is looking for a quarterback. He didn't play in 2016, but was solid when thrust into the starting role at the end of 2015, throwing for 854 yards and 6 touchdowns in three starts. 

1. Jimmy Garoppolo

Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots

The backup to the Golden Boy in New England might soon be a star himself. Garoppolo has only started two games, but he looked impressive in both last year, completing 68 percent of his passes and throwing 4 touchdowns. The Patriots better enjoy this top-tier insurance while they have it because he'll be a free agent after this season and will likely command a big contract.