The biggest news of the college basketball offseason came on Aug. 15. 2018's No.1 prospect, Marvin Bagley III, decided to commit to Duke and Coach K. 

That in itself would be humongous news for the Blue Devils. But, the good news didn't stop there for Duke, as Bagley III also announced that he will be reclassifying to the class of 2017, so he can play in Durham this upcoming season. 

Most fans and media pundits praised Mike Krzyzewski for this coup because Bagley is a special talent. However, the New York Post's Phil Mushnick recently ripped Coach K for allowing Bagley III to play at Duke, a prestigious academic institution, a year early, even though the top prospect has gone to three different high schools. 

Here's an excerpt from Mushnick's article: 

"Bagley already is regarded as a Top 3 NBA draft pick — next year! Technically a high school senior, he’s hoping the NCAA will grant him “re-classification” status so he can play this season at Duke then enter the draft.

And he’ll arrive at Duke having played for three high schools in two states, Arizona and California.

Still, given that it’s Duke, we’re supposed to regard Bagley as a legitimate, Duke-qualified full-scholarship student-athlete who meets with coach Mike Krzyzewski’s heralded high standards — at least as heard on TV, especially CBS and ESPN.

Imagine what those desensitized, TV-celebrated “Cameron Crazies” would do to Bagley if he played at Duke for UNC, North Carolina St. or Kentucky. They’d mob-trash him as a one-and-done rent-a-star."

Mushnick is 100 percent correct, especially with this final statement. Whenever Duke gets a top-notch recruit, their fans are ecstatic and they praise Coach K until they're blue in the face. 

However, whenever they go up against Kentucky or another team filled with blue-chip recruits who are likely one-and-done, they criticize the strategy and act as if they're program is too high and mighty to ever do such a thing. It goes both ways.