The NFL Draft is far from an exact science.

As much teams think they know what they're doing with their big boards and player rankings, more often than not they completely whiff on first-round picks, particularly with quarterbacks. 

The Broncos have begun to realize they may have made that mistake with Paxton Lynch after he couldn't beat out Trevor Siemian for the starting job again. The announcement that Siemian is the starter put Lynch on a pretty infamous list.

​​Oh no. 

Lynch joins the glorious list of Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn: three first-round busts who are no longer in the league. 

Lynch seemingly had more promise than those other three, but it's not like Siemian totally blew the doors off of him this preseason -- it was just that Lynch played exceptionally bad. 

So Lynch's place in the NFL may be in trouble.

Another fun note about this list is that it's evenly split between the Broncos and the Browns: Lynch and Tebow for Denver and Manziel and Quinn for Cleveland. Just an odd discovery that the Broncos are pretty bad at drafting quarterbacks (we already knew the Browns were). ​​

Lynch won't be the starter in Denver this season (for now) and it's now fair to wonder if he will ever be one anywhere.