This holdout looks like it's only going to get uglier.

Le'Veon Bell wants to get paid more than any running back in the history of the NFL, and he deserves it. Bell is a dominant weapon on the ground, and his numbers through the air are basically those of a number-two receiver.

That all adds up to a hefty paycheck, which is why his holdout will likely continue into next week. 

The latest reports have Bell missing another week of camp because of his holdout, but he's expected to report shortly after that. He can't sign a new contract after the season anyway, so this whole thing is essentially a protest anyway.

Bell is training on his own, and not having to deal with extra carries in the heat might be better for him in the long run. Running backs get tired, and they need their rest. Bell missing time that essentially doesn't count is better than him wearing down late in the season.

Of course his teammates want him back out there so they can get synced. It's something Bell must keep in mind moving forward.