It has finally happened. Hell has frozen over ladies and gentlemen. 

When it comes to Roger Goodell, he normally doesn't care about a single thing that doesn't benefit himself, the league's wallet size, or the most important thing of all, his reputation.

Yet today, it looked like he actually went out of his way to defend a player. 

After Marshawn Lynch controversially decided to sit during the National Anthem prior to the Raiders' preseason game against the Cardinals, Commissioner Goodell actually had his back.

​​It may be a season later than it should have been, but Goodell actually supported the rights a player has when it comes to the National Anthem. 

"We have to understand there are people with different viewpoints. The national anthem is a special moment to me. It's a point of pride. That is a really important moment. But we also have to understand the other side."  Goodell said during a Fan Forum. "People do have rights and we want to respect those."

Goodell normally doesn't voice his opinion regarding things of this nature, and has seemingly done everything in his mental power to block out the protests Colin Kaepernick made last year.

Still, he showed his support to Beast Mode for sitting on the bench. 

Don't get used to Goodell supporting players by any means, but enjoy it while it lasts.