MLB umpires have gone too far. 

So far this season we have seen some of the most ridiculous ejections ever, including Adrian Beltre's a few weeks ago when the ump tossed him out for not being in the proper spot in the on-deck circle. 

As the umps get thinner and thinner skin, more and more players are finding themselves tossed from games for what feels like little to no reason. Unfortunately for Dodgers star Chase Utley, he had to learn that the hard way. ​

​​After having what looked like a pretty average and normal conversation with umpire Ramon De Jesus, Utley found himself heading back to the dugouts for an early shower while the Dodgers were just two outs away from closing things out. 

Unless Chase whispered some ridiculous things to him like "hey I'm going to kill your cat after this game", there really should be no possible reason for this ejection. 

Umps gotta chill.