​A lot of folks across the country are furious with the actions of some in Charlottesville, Va. this weekend. 

​To call the alt right protests infuriating would be an understatement. There have been counter protests to these acts and even some unfortunate violence which has taken place. 

Many sports figures are speaking out against what is going on right now. Many are furious. This clearly includes LeBron James, who took to Twitter to call out President Donald Trump. 

​​LeBron didn't hold back with his statement, saying: "It's sad what's going on in Charlottesville. Is this the direction our country is heading? Make America Great Again huh?! He said that."

King James is one of the many NBA stars who has taken to Twitter to voice his displeasure with what's going on. 

Countless people are calling for Americans to unite, rather than continue to segregate one another. 

Let's all hope the violence can end ASAP and peace can be restored.