​All of America has stayed gripped by the unfathomably horrifying alt right protests, ensuing counter-protests, and terroristic violence that has overtaken the city of Charlottesville, Virginia this weekend.

And rather than stay silent, plenty have attempted to vocalize exactly how the nearly foreign events are affecting them.

America's athletes certainly were among the vocal as well, including those who once played at the University of Virginia and called the once-sleepy hamlet home.

Former 'Hoos pitcher Brandon Waddell offered calming words to the disgusted masses.

​​NFL star Chris Long, who also spent plenty of time starring in C'Ville, brought about a similar sentiment.

​​All that any of us want is for this to be over.

But Long spent plenty of time deflecting some true nonsense from his mentions in the aftermath.

UVA's current starting quarterback attempted to be as peaceful and biblical with his discourse as possible.

​​Plenty of other athletes chimed in, however.

Enes Kanter, no stranger to violence in his native Turkey, and detained just a few short months ago, offered up a symbol that's had plenty of alt right folks triggered in recent days.

​​Chalk Jeremy Lin up as another professional NBA player disgusted by what he's seeing.

Even some sports franchises were forced to speak out. Credit the Detroit Red Wings, who saw their logo being desecrated in the protest, and were certainly more forceful in condemning white supremacy than the President.

Good look for the Wings, who are doing their best not to be tainted by the proceedings.

Dodgers beat writer Andy McCullough kept it quite simple.

We hope dearly this will be the last time we're able to present a post like this surrounding an unconscionable American tragedy, but we're well aware it will not be.