​Well, what should we expect from the New York Knicks anymore?

It seems as if they've hit a new low, as they passed on Dennis Smith Jr. for his unwillingness to try...Octopus?

Obviously, that's unlikely the reason they passed on him, but their pre-draft dinner with Smith Jr. was strange to say the least.

"We went out to some restaurant, and they had me eat some octopus, like an actual octopus tentacle," Smith said. "First time ever. I wasn't going to try it, honestly. They kind of put the pressure on me to do it."

It was thought the uber athletic guard would be a Knick. He ended up with the Mavs. 

"I definitely thought it was possible," Smith said. "I flew in there, I had a great meeting with them. Then the draft came, and things just changed."

Another chance missed for the squandering New York team.

Maybe next time they will make the right choice and not force feed their potential talent strange foods.