​What did Hawks rookie John Collins do to deserve this look?

NBA2k just released the first glimpse at this season's player models and Atlanta rookie forward John Collins' pic would lead you to believe that he's already captured some souls on the NBA level.

My god, Brandon Ingram.

You'd think 2k showing some love would merely be applauded, but not if it has to come at the expense of someone else.

New Laker Lonzo Ball did not like this pic one bit.

​​Although the player model picture doesn't feature Ball himself, of course the Lakers new leader has to stick up for his guy.

He can't just allow Brandon Ingram to be posterized for someone's model pic and not say something about it. That's especially true if the guy doesn't even deserve it.

Seems like 2k listened to Lonzo, though, and gave Collins a pretty blatant course correction.

There you go. Brandon's back on the market.

Sure, ​Collins put some jaw-dropping finishes on display in this season's Summer League, but I don't recall Ingram being on the receiving end of any of them.

The only thing worse than actually being dunked on is being immortalized in a video game being dunked on when said dunk never even happened.

Ingram and Ball are right to be a tad salty about this. Wouldn't you be?

OK, yeah, never mind. A little soft.