​For a few months, we have heard news about New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter wanting to buy the Miami Marlins, and on Friday, ​he finally closed the deal.

Marlins outgoing owner Jeffrey Loria agreed to a $1.2 billion deal with the future Hall of Fame shortstop, among others in Jeter's group, making him the co-owner of the franchise.

In addition to Jeter, NBA legend Michael Jordan also owns part of the franchise.

​​​In July, Jordan joined Jeter's team to acquire the franchise as one of his investors. Over the months, though, the deal began to look more and more unlikely, as investors pulled their funds over time. 

For a period, ​Jeter also joined forces with former presidential candidate Jeb Bush, but Bush eventually left the team, as well. 

It ultimately took two finely tuned athletes to know the price of never giving up. If Jordan knows anything more than basketball, it's definitely how to run a business.

​​With 11 championship rings between the two, Jeter and Jordan have written the book on winning in their playing careers.

We will see if that book translates to the ownership of a Major League Baseball franchise.