OBJ might not be playing on Friday night in the Giants' first preseason game against Pittsburgh, but he still took part in warmups, and boy did he put on a show.

Beckham has made the news this offseason for various reasons, some good and other questionable, including stating that he should be the highest-paid player in the NFL. But he has an argument, and highlights like this (even though not during an actual game) prove he's justified.

​Are you kidding me?

Beckham backs up his insane grabs with equally impressive stats, and he's somehow expected to have an even better 2017. He and Eli have never been more in sync, and once they get a couple preseason games under their belt, they ought to be better than ever.

Manning doesn't need to go through the preseason grind at this point, but he'll likely play a few drives in the remaining three matchups. Expect OBJ to get a few targets as well.