Colin Kaepernick has made waves across the NFL.

His stance has been surprisingly polarizing and by now, just about everyone has weighed in on how they feel about the stance (or lack thereof) that Kaep took.

​Michael Vick's take, though, did ​rub some people the wrong way, and most importantly his wife. Vick seems to have talked himself into the doghouse.

Michael Vick made comments that suggested Kaepernick isn't doing himself any favors by keeping a big afro as he tries to land a starting job, or even a look for that matter, from one of the other 31 NFL teams.

For a fellow black athlete, Vick's wife did feel Michael's comments were a bit tasteless and insensitive and Vick has since apologized.

That however doesn't appear to be enough to get Vick out of the doghouse just yet.

Kaepernick's movement continues to make waves well beyond what we may have all anticipated. 

And for Vick, little did he know sex would be taken away because of it.