It looks like we'll finally have an end to the Ezekiel Elliott saga. 

For months we've wondered what was going to happen to the Cowboys' superstar running back. Rumors have been flying around about a possible suspension all offseason and we finally have our answer. 

Would the league be lenient on him, or crack down like they've done to certain players in the past?

It looks like the league may choose to make an example out of him. 

​​We may not see Ezekiel Elliott for more than a third of the season. Wow. 

Cowboys fans definitely will feel that's harsh, but Elliott has been all over the news since coming into the league, and not in the "Tom Brady on vacation" kind of way. The league has tried to send a message time and time again about not putting the league in a bad light with negative publicity and could try to get that message across by shelving Zeke for multiple games.

​​The Cowboys have said time and time again they don't expect Elliott to be suspended, and now could be back to the drawing board without one of the best playmakers in the league. 

Nothing is finalized, but it definitely doesn't look good for Elliott.