​The Curious Case of Jordan Matthews continues in Philadelphia.

In his first two seasons with the Eagles, Matthews showed all the potential to be the team's No. 1 wide receiver for the foreseeable future. However, last season was the complete opposite. In true sports fashion, Eagles fans and analysts are ready to dismiss Matthews' talents after a down year.

Those analysts and fans are going as far as wanting the Eagles to trade Matthews.

​​First things first, Matthews' down year is contributed to a series of unfortunate injuries, which all began after taking a low hit to his knee during Training Camp last August. Matthews entered Training Camp this season with knee tendinitis, although it is not preventing him from participating.

In this case, why would the Eagles trade him on a down year, as they will not exactly get the greatest value for him.

Now looking past the injuries, Matthews' statistics don't lie, he is a really productive receiver. In his first three seasons, the fourth year receiver has 225 receptions for 2,673 yards and 19 touchdowns. Those stats put Matthews is great company in terms of receivers.

​​Yes, that's pretty great company to be in. Not only that, but Matthews has proven to be one of the best performers out of the slot position since 2014.

A lot of Eagles fans and analysts are calling for Nelson Agholor to replace Matthews in the slot position. Yes, Agholor has all the skills and tools to be a big name wide receiver in the NFL, but it hasn't shown on the field. 

We hear in every Training Camp, "this is the breakout year for Nelson Agholor." After we hear that, Agholor pulls a disappearing act in the regular season.

This season is the perfect opportunity for Matthews to bounce back. The Eagles signed wide receivers Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith in the offseason. This alone means that all of the defensive attention will be taken off ​​Matthews, which will work to his benefit.

The Eagles should not give up hope on Matthews in Training Camp. Give Matthews a chance in the regular season, as he has all of the potential to bounce back in 2017.