​Mike Trout is a year older, but still the same great player after homering on his birthday on Tuesday.

And if you didn't know it was his birthday, the MLB Twitter account let you know. Repeatedly. 

However, just a few days earlier, Mark Reynolds who is having a comeback year with the Rockies, hit a home run on his birthday and heard crickets from the MLB account. 

Of course, the Rockies let the MLB know about it. 

Let em know! 

It's quite possible, after all, that Mark Reynolds didn't get the recognition because he is not in the same category as Mike Trout, the best player in the MLB. 

Regardless, you have to applaud the Rockies for sticking up for their guy. If the MLB doesn't praise Nolan Arenado for a homer on his birthday, then the Rockies should have a big problem.