​Every year, everyone gets excited about the huge, earth-shattering moves at the trade deadline, such as the acquisitions of ​Yu Darvish and ​Sonny Gray to cement and fortify contenders.

But there is always that one player who is not the biggest name and becomes a huge steal.

This year's steal is Tim Beckham. He was acquired by the Orioles from their division rivals, the Tampa Bay Rays and, uh, the culture change has done him well.

​​That is an impressive five games. Mostly for the fact that you can't get him out.

Beckham, 27, was drafted first overall by the Rays in 2008 out of high school. His career wasn't going as planned, but he seemed to be turning the corner this season somwhat. He was hitting .259, with 12 home runs, 36 RBI, and a .314 OBP before he was traded to the O's. 

And yet, the Rays traded for Adeiny Hechavarria midseason. They basically spent the first half giving off smoke signals that they didn't believe in Beckham, and that extra motivation may cost them in the years to come.  A fire has seems to be lit under Beckham and he is now playing like that first overall pick we thought he might be nearly a decade ago.

The Orioles are 4-2 with Tim Beckham in the lineup. Unfortunately, Tampa's Wild Card hopes might be impacted by Beckham. But not in the way they'd ever expected.