​Jay Cutler has signed with the Miami Dolphins, but he was not the team's only possible choice to fill in for the injured Ryan Tannehill.

The Dolphins were also reportedly interested in former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Both have had success in the NFL, but the Dolphins made the right choice in signing Cutler, and pairing him back up with his former offensive coordinator Adam Gase.

Gase only spent one season as the Bears offensive coordinator in 2015 before becoming the Dolphins head coach.

However, the 2015 season was one of Cutler's best years of his career, and that is in large part to Gase's coaching style and game plans.

Interceptions have been a big knock against Cutler, but the year Gase and Cutler were together, the QB only threw 11 interceptions, which was his fewest in a season with at least 15 games played.

Bringing in Kaepernick would require some changes to the Dolphins offense, due to his style of play and arm strength. Cutler is a very similar quarterback to Tannehill, so this will also make the transition easier.

Cutler and Kaepernick were both deserving of the job, but Cutler was the better choice given the situation.