For Miami Dolphins fans, the news is all about ​the return of Jay Cutler to the NFL and the hope for competent quarterback play after Ryan Tannehill's training camp injury.

For the rest of the NFL, it's all about mercilessly mocking one of the most polarizing quarterbacks in NFL history.

PFTCommenter dropping truth bombs, as per usual.

Aaron Rodgers would've known the answer to this Jeopardy! question immediately.

Come on Bill, be professional about this!

Those video game developers really know how to create an accurate depiction of a guy.

No disrespect, but signing Jay Cutler is disrespectful to the Dolphins.

Easy solution: pull the sheets back over your eyes and go back to sleep - it's all a dream.

I was eating a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll - I could have really used an ice coffee, though.

Stephon Gilmore is going to earn every penny this season.

But yes, keep telling me about Christian Hackenberg's "potential."

Ah, there it is. Welcome back, Jay.