4 Reasons Why Russell Westbrook Might Be Waiting to Sign His Extension

The Oklahoma City Thunder are happy to offer Russell Westbrook a blank check - well, as blank of a check as the NBA would allow. But the point guard has yet to put pen to paper on anything that would keep him in Oklahoma City beyond this year. What's the hold up? Here are four reasons Westbrook is holding off on a contract extension.

4. He Wants It to Be a Surprise

Last year, Westbrook signed an extension with the team in the wake of Kevin Durant's departure on August 4. Maybe he's about to do it again, he just doesn't want his story to be scooped. If that's the guess, time is ticking....

3. His Priorities Are Elsewhere

Westbrook is less than a year into parenting Noah. Just like Conor McGregor took off time from being a fighter for his kid, Westbrook should take off time from stressing about his future to focus on his present. Besides the young boy, Westbrook also has fashion obligations everywhere this offseason (or so it seems).

2. Paul George

Westbrook is no longer alone in being a top banana for the Thunder. Paul George is now in town and will be for the next year, at least. But he could leave next summer, which would leave the Thunder in the same spot they were in last year. If that happens, Westbrook may not want to be around for another year where he has to carry an inordinate amount of the load.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have been a long-rumored destination for Westbrook when he hits free agency. He doesn't want to play for the team if they're a bunch of losers. If Lonzo Ball is the real deal and improvement is at hand, however, he may be tempted to go to Los Angeles. He has to wait to see it in the regular season first, though.