Social media went crazy when a video was posted showing Chris Christie getting up close and personal with a Cubs fan at a Brewers game on Sunday.​

The New Jersey governor made sure this fan felt his presence.

Since he's not the most popular man in New Jersey, the jokes and low blows came without hesitation.

Brad Joseph, the fan involved in the altercation, gave his side of the story of what really happened when the New Jersey governor got all up in his grill.​​

Christie was already getting heckled and jeered by other fans before and during the game. Joseph called the politician a hypocrite while he was walking down the aisle back to his seat.

​Fed up, Christie made his way back up the steps to confront him and began to call him a "big shot" and a "tough guy."

​"He was close enough that I could feel his breath on my face as he shouted at me. He never denied being a hypocrite. Then, his right foot stepped well outside of the aisle and into our row, and he began to hit my leg with his knee in an aggressive fashion."

​He apologized to Christie for his actions and made it clear that he wasn't thinking during the situation.

"​​Many people on social media have assumed that I must be a liberal or democrat, but I want to be clear that this was not about republicans or democrats. My politics do not fit conveniently into one box or another."

​Politicians have every right to stand up for themselves in public, but they obviously have to do it cautiously.

​Joseph maybe could've gone about the whole thing differently, but free speech is the first amendment, even if it's at a baseball game.