​LeBron James is more than just a businessman; he's a business, man!

Every move the King makes is calculated and has his own interests in mind. That's how any business that wants to capitalize on their brand should work. 

However, there are instances where James micromanaging a situation can end up backfiring. For example, Kyrie Irving wanting out of Cleveland has a lot to do with the fact that the Cavs are clearly LeBron James' team and the fact that he has a ton of control over the franchise.

With the rumors of Kyrie possibly being traded to the Suns for Bledsoe, the league felt the need to investigate whether or not James owned a share of his agent Rich Paul's company, Klutch Sports.

Paul is one of the most notable agents in the NBA and represents some of the league's biggest names. This includes Cavs teammates Tristian Thompson and J.R. Smith as well as Eric Bledsoe, who was working out with James in Las Vegas recently.

The findings showed that LeBron didn't have any ownership in Klutch Sports. The NBA was just doing it's due diligence here in making sure that James didn't.

The King may have 99 problems coming into the new season, but tampering with the league isn't one.