​As every NBA fan knows, all is not well in Cleveland, as Kyrie wants to escape from LeBron's shadow and leave the Cavaliers.

Things certainly aren't looking up after Saturday night, when Brendon Haywood posted a video of Steph Curry mocking LeBron's workout routine, with Kyrie Irving laughing in the background.

Kyrie fraternizing with the enemy? This relationship is all but over.

​​Although the video might not mean much, it's representative of Irving's fractured relationship with LeBron, as this is the second subtle shot that Irving took at his teammate recently, after he mocked LeBron's announcement that he was returning to Cleveland back in 2014.

​​Seeing Irving mock LeBron like this only affirms he'll be traded before the season starts.

At a minimum, LeBron's and Kyrie's pettiness guarantees that 2017 will continue to be one of the most exciting NBA offseasons in recent memory.