​Oh no. Lavar Ball's power is growing...kind of. 

After another tirade at the Adidas Summer Championships, LaVar Ball received a technical foul and went to his go-to move — calling his entire team off the court and telling them to pack up. 

He eventually negotiated with the refs and tournament officials, and when the game was reset, the official who called the tech was no longer on the court. Very chill of them.

Thanks to our friends over at Overtime, we've got this pure magic from LaVar. 

Whatever peace treaty he made with the refs didn't last long. Just minutes later — with his team losing — LaVar got his second tech and was ejected, so he rounded up his squad and yanked them off the court, resulting in another forfeit. Team BBC defeated the Big Ballers 53-43.

Of course, Lavar had something to say about it after the game. 

Weird how only women have to stay in their lanes, huh? What a casually sexist joke. 

Here's a full video of the incident, with some depressed fan reaction at the end. 

Isn't the point of this tournament to play basketball? As one fan said in the video, "It sucks for the kids. All these coaches came out to watch them and they can't see them."

Sounds like this tournament needs better Ball control.