"Settle it like real men" is the message coming from LeBron James' former teammate, who suggests that a good old fist fight should be able to sort out the differences between James and his soon-to-be estranged partner-in-crime Kyrie Irving.

Drew Gooden, who played alongside James for four years during the Ohio native's first stint in Cleveland, joked that he could possibly come out of retirement to help the team out -- apparently, he believes he's a better option than Andrew Wiggins.

TMZ caught up with the former forward at LAX and quizzed him on the situation currently brewing in Cleveland.

"Either it's gotta be a move or it's gonna have to be a square fade," Gooden replied when asked how James and Irving could best resolve their issues. "That's the only way."

Further questioned, Gooden didn't seem to know who would win such a fight win if it ever came to that, but he did hint that LeBron would probably come out on top.

"I don't know," he said. "I think it goes by weight and height, doesn't it?"