​Lamar Odom's checkered past has been well documented over the past couple of years. His situation was an awful one for him and everyone involved. 

In 2015, Odom nearly overdosed, but now, he is finally working his way back to sobriety. Odom opened up about his cocaine use  which nearly costed him his life in the Players' Tribune:  

​​Odom knew he had to get things right as he was hooked up to machines in a hospital bed. He said:

"I was laying there in that bed, hooked up to all these machines, people all around me crying, and there was no running from it anymore. It was like God was telling me, 'Whatever the f*** you think you're doing, you need to slow down. Or it's gonna be worse than this.'"

Since his time in the hospital, Odom has been sober; and knows he has to stay this way. Despite that, he knows he has an addiction; and it will never go away. He also said: 

"I'm sober now. But it's an everyday struggle, I have an addiction. I'll always have an addiction. It never goes away."

Speaking for everyone here, we are pulling for you, Lamar.